Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So You Want to be a Lowrider, eh?

Trucks are manufactured and built to drive, haul, tow and climb. They have specifications for the tires, brakes, shocks, struts (sounds like I know something about cars? lol) What I am trying to say is that cars are built so they will perform. When we tamper with that, it may look good but it will not be able to do what it was meant to do.

Jedediah saw a beautiful low-rider on his way to church. He described the paint job and the angle at which the body was set. The bumper almost kissing the asphalt. The dude with an attitude. Gotta have that! He began to think of the diminished value of the truck. Oh, it might hold value to the owner or others who cherish that kind of ride but for the ones who created the truck, it was ruined. It could no longer go off-road or into sand dunes. It would not be able to haul loads or move furniture. It would have a hard enough time going over speed bumps or up curbs. It was only for show. It really couldn't be used as a truck anymore. Too bad.

God creates us with specific designs and abilities. All too often, we take our vessels and pollute them, change them, cheapen them, altar them, abuse them all for our glory but not God's glory.

The Lord speaks of vessels unto honor and some to dishonor. If we follow God's design and allow Him to change us, we can become a vessel unto honor. We will be ready when Jesus looks for a vessel to use. He will see us waiting on His will.

I think I would rather be an old truck that has been able to climb the mountains of life and stand the heat of the valley of trials. One that has been maintained on the Word of the Lord and the oil of the Holy Ghost has been changed every 3000 miles. The tires of my life have worn well with living the life of a Christian. The interior smells of the joy and praise found on the lips of the driver.
That is the kind of vessel I want to be!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Desperation is a Powerful Emotion!

Rev. Shane Koch preached a powerful message on being desperate for God. We don't casually come into this life of a Christian. No! We are born again and enter into warfare. We need to be passionate about our faith. Passionate about the truth. That is what sets us free. I remember feeling so free from the world's belief system which is not much of a belief system. It is more "loosey goosey" and "anything goes" belief. I lacked security and once I met Jesus and He straightened me out, my footing became sure. I knew right from wrong. Everything was clear. Peace entered my life.

Pastor Brian Koch announced the installation of Bro. Shane Koch into the position of Pastor of the Rock. The church prayed for Bro. Shane and Sis. Jessica as they fulfill the call of God in their life.

Bro. Jedediah and Sis. Nicole will be starting outreach in Greenfield with Bible studies.

Please pray for these wonderful young men and women as they work to bring in the harvest. God is with them.