Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fragile New Life

Tyler Austin Koch was born 7:46PM 5-27 by cesarean section to Jessica and Shane Koch at Santa Teresa Kaiser Hospital. He was 5lb and 10oz and 19inches long. Being 4 weeks early has taken a toll on his new life outside the womb. We are trusting our wonderful God to care for him as he struggles to breathe and our prayers are constantly bombarding Heaven for this new family.

Everyone falls in love the minute they see Tyler. I remember falling in love with Jesus the minute I truly saw Him. The presence that filled me with a life-giving force is an unforgettable experience and one I constantly thank Jesus for. This is such a fragile new life.

I have started a garden and I am watching new growth everyday. The plants are tender and need me to refresh them with life-giving water as the heat of the day evaporates the moisture. Night-time brings out the life-sucking bugs and slugs that would like to feast on this new life. Vigilance pays off as I look for them with a flashlight and destroy with a satisfying crunch under my shoe.

Remember Christians, this new life is fragile and should be handled with care! It will be worth every effort when we feast at the Lord's table in Heaven.