Monday, September 27, 2010

Highlights from Rev.McNealy's Message

On target message 'do you want to be happy?" Sunday evening by Rev. McNealy. Just want to drop some quotes from his message that I thought were significant:
1. You will never change anything in your life that you tolerate. (if I can just change _____ then I will be happy.)
2. Center your life around good things. Life is like a sponge. It only soaks up what surrounds it. Life pressures will come. Pressures upon the sponge will squeeze out what has been put in.
3. Better to resolve marriage difficulties than to dissolve marriage vows.
4. Oops! I married the wrong one (person) instead of trying to be The One (for the other person).

This message left me with an image. Two bowls of water. One dirty and the other clean. Two sponges. Two lives. One lives clean and the other lives in sin. Life happens to both sponges, sickness, loss of jobs, no friends, treated unfairly, car breaks looks bleak...both sponges are wrung dry. The comfort and peace the clean sponge felt kept him standing until he could dip back into that clean water and restore his spirit. The dirty sponge had no relief and all he could do was complain. The situaltion went from bad to horrible as he was plunged back into the dirty water.

I put my sponges through the dishwasher to sterilize and clean them. The power of repentance and the tears of joy are wonderful cleansers! Put your sponges in a Holy Ghost dishwasher and feel clean again.