Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hearing from God

Everybody wants to hear something from God!  Look at the popularity of preachers that call out people and start reading their "mail".  It is pretty simple.
1.  Your circumstances may indicate God is trying to get your attention.  Jonah finally quit complaining and started listening when he found himself in a dark, lonely and smelly place (whale).
2. Counsel - Listen to those in authority - Pastor, parents, trusted friends.
3.  Peace Philipians 4:7 (one of my fav scriptures).. it is a feeling that everything is right in the world no matter what is happening.  When my husband was away in Desert Storm (war in Kuwait) God put me in a God Bubble.  Nothing bad could penetrate and I was on a Spiritual High!  It was amazing.
4. Dreams and visions.  Mathew 1:20.  It took a dream to convince Joseph to marry Mary!
5. Thoughts are powerful and Amos 4:13 describes God speaking to man. 2Co 10:5 tells us what to do to protect our mind against thoughts of the enemy.
6.  Natural Manifestations point to our Creator and as a Christian, one should study the science of creationism to understand the miracle that is all around us.
7. Supernatural manifestations are mentioned in the Bible (burning bush for Moses, Voices from Heaven, Angels appearing) and so we should see and expect them in our lives (receiving the Holy Ghost)
8. Bible Hebrews 4:12 describes the power behind the Word of God.  Any true Christian can tell a story where he/she has opened their Bible and a scripture has spoken to their heart or their situation.
9.  Whisper  1Kings 19:12 describes God speaking to Elijah in a still, small voice.
Sometimes one will be given a thought or hear a thought spoken as if they are thinking it but it is really from God.  When acted upon, confirmation in the form of the result lets you know that it was truly from God.  "Speak to that person"  "Stop" "Wait"  "Don't speak that"  "Ask her to go to altar and pray" "Tell them your testimony"  These are some examples that come to my mind when I have heard from God.

Finally, my wonderful readers, read Jeremiah 7:13 which is a warning to truly hear what the Lord is saying and respond to Him.

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