Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is There A Child in The House?

Recently watched a short clip of a young man.  He was goofing off, dancing and laughing.  It was uplifting until one realized that he had died tragically a day after that video in a skiing accident.  Watching him made me want to reach into the screen and grab his essence and retrieve the laughter and the boy that once was.

The body is only a house.  The soul really is a separate entity.  I could see it in the video.  The childlike nature of this young man evidenced in his love of life jumping around telling the body to move to express his joy.

Jesus knocks on the door of the house.  Is there anyone there?  A child, perhaps,
that joyfully runs to see who is there.  A child looks up with a smile and hope, that this stranger will fill a need in his/her life.  Children are like that, selfish by nature but in a good way.  Feed me, hold me, make me laugh, play with me, keep me warm, keep me safe.  Intellect, education, life's experiences, background are all worthless when entering the Kingdom of God.  We need to run to the door of heart and throw it open to the King of King and let Jesus enter in.

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